Roebic Products

All sewage systems, and especially those such as septic tank arrangements which are not connected to the main sewers, rely on bacterial balance to treat the waste which is discharged through them. Roebic products are a range of specially formulated, environmentally sound treatments which have been created to restore and maintain this balance. At RMS Waste, we are proud to have been selected as authorised Roebic suppliers throughout the UK.

Any off-grid UK business or residential property is required to have a sewage system, such as a septic tank or waste processing plant, installed to filter the waste produced and prevent pollution of the environment. These systems are carefully designed to promote bacterial breakdown of hazardous substances at different stages. But as with any natural habitat, the life in your drainage system can be disrupted by foreign pollutants or adverse conditions. If the balance of natural bacteria in the system is disturbed, your waste will not be properly filtered and may breach environmental law.

Roebic septic treatment products are formulated to support the natural bacterial ecosystem in your sewage pipes. You are likely aware that many health professionals recommend the regular use of probiotics to aid digestive transit and promote good gut health. Well, Roebic septic system products are literally a probiotics for your drains! By maintaining the health of the bacteria in your septic tank, you are helping the system to work effectively and efficiently, and thereby protecting the health of your family and community.

It couldn’t be simpler to improve the performance of your sewage system with a Roebic septic tank treatment. The range of products from this respected company with six decades of history also includes Roebic drain cleaner, an effective and ecologically sound way to prevent system blockages. Find out more about Roebic products at, or by contacting RMS Waste online.

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