What Happens in a CCTV Drainage Survey?

What Happens in a CCTV Drainage Survey?

Aug 2, 2022 News by rmsadmin

CCTV Drain Survey

If you have never heard of a CCTV drain survey, it may sound strange to you, but it is actually a nifty way to see what is happening in any drain and can save the hassle of excavation or damage. Here at RMS Waste, we would like to help you understand what happens in a CCTV drainage survey. Please read on to understand more about this essential tool.

To explain in simple terms, a CCTV survey is a thorough inspection of a drainage system, using a state-of-the-art waterproof CCTV drain camera. The cameras are inserted into pipelines and sewer systems; while an engineer views the images through a live feed, giving access to the identification of any issues or faults.

Drainage CCTV

The drain CCTV cameras can operate in flowing water depending on the size of the camera and pipe. We will use the most suitable camera to fit the size of the pipe, which will provide imagery of the drains, enabling access to areas that normally are impossible to see. We attach the cameras to access rods that can push through the drainage system. They are incredibly flexible, easing navigation on turns and corners. With a filled pipe, a sonar unit can be used, these work by producing acoustic profiling showing the condition of the pipe without visual images. 

So here is what to expect when you arrange a survey with RMS Waste. We will send our drainage engineer at your allotted time to your property. Our engineer will be fully equipped with waterproof cameras, access rods, and sonar unit. You can discuss any drainage issues with our engineer before the process begins. After, the most suitable drainage CCTV can gain access to your system.

CCTV Surveys?

The camera will give a live view of the condition of the pipelines, showing any blockages or damage, corrosion, tree root ingress, animal intrusion, as well as other potential problems. Our engineer will document all findings in a survey and clearly explain if work needs to be done. At that point, you will have a full understanding of your drainage systems, and if any necessary work is needed urgently, or whether work can be left for a later date. Many of our customers have avoided the development of a drainage emergency from the knowledge gained through these surveys.

We recommend that homeowners, or landlords, will find a CCTV survey incredibly useful when they face one-off or ongoing drainage issues.  When purchasing a property, a survey can also be incredibly useful in delivering a detailed view of the property’s drainage system, giving prospective buyers the opportunity to make a fully informed decision before a contract is signed.

We hope that you now have a full understanding of CCTV drainage surveys. RMS Waste has 20 years of industry experience, providing a range of waste disposal and drain services from our base in Hampshire, Southampton.

For more information on CCTV drain survey Hampshire, please get in touch with us using our online contact form, or via email at info@rmswaste.co.uk. Alternatively, call us on 01489 893921 to speak to a member of our team directly. We will be pleased to answer any queries you may have.

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